Saturday, May 30, 2009

Aidan is 4 weeks old!

Aidan is 4 weeks old today! It's been quite the week. He had been very fussy and was not sleeping a lot, so I took him into the pediatrician on Thursday and his doctor is pretty sure he has Acid Reflux! Poor guy! So he's on Zantac now and it seems to be helping. He is making great eye contact and loves to play. We are teaching him "high five" and it is really cute. When you put up your hand in front of him, he tries to hit it. So while he might not understand high five, he's still playing the game! We are getting more smiles from him lately and he enjoys just sitting and observing around him. The cats are taking to him pretty well, except for when he cries... then they disappear! Here are some pictures I took of him this morning when he was playing in his bouncer. He's getting pretty good at hitting his toys and making them move!

Oh no! Hiccups again!
I love his pout at the end! Poor guy with his hiccups!

Aidan's 1st Bath

Aidan had his 1st official bath today... and he loved it!! He didn't fuss at all and seemed to enjoy it! Here's some of my favorite pictures from the big event!

Pics from Grandma and Grandpa Sharp's Visit

Here's some more pictures from when Grandpa John and Grandma Lyn came to visit!

Aidan and Daddy taking a nap

Daddy and Aidan playing

Quality Time!
One of the amazing quilts that we received for Aidan (this one is from Laneta)

Grandma and Aidan

Papa John and Aidan

Grandma and Aidan

Aidan doesn't hate diaper changes anymore

Monday, May 25, 2009

Three Weeks Old!

At a little over 8 lbs, Aidan is now three weeks old! Aidan is growing a lot and seems to change over night! He's already outgrown the newborn diapers and moved into size 1's! He spends much more time alert and playing. He's learning how to kick his hanging toys to make them play noise, music, etc. He also enjoys his tummy time every day and his neck is getting much stronger! Now that he's more active during the day, we keep waiting for the night where he won't be waking up every three hours. So far, no luck, but we know the day will come that mommy and daddy won't be so sleep deprived!

Grandma and Grandpa Sharp just spent the last couple days with us. We had a wonderful visit and really enjoyed the cooler weather they brought with them from Washington! We spent a lot of time relaxing and just spending time with Aidan. I am very greatful to them for their help in getting my classroom cleaned and organized now that we are officially on summer break! Ian and I were even able to sneak out and just have some alone time together while grandma and grandpa babysat! We were very sad to have to say good-bye to them this morning!

Here are some of our latest pictures:

Aidan and Nathan with Grandpa John and Ian

Grandma Lyn spending time with Aidan

Showing off his new outfit
Activity Time! Aidan loves the music!
Aidan and Anthrax working on tummy time!

All tuckered out after playing all morning!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Two weeks old!

Today Aidan is two weeks old. We can hardly believe how fast time is going. Already we see so many changes in him. He's plumping up, and he's much more alert. Every day his hands get more coordinated and he can often be found holding his binky at his mouth to keep it from falling out! He's been a little fussy the past two days because he's been pretty gassy, but we're hoping that will pass and he'll be feeling more comfortable soon!

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to grandma today. But we're looking forward to her being able to come back down in July with the rest of the family. And in the meantime we have a ton of food in the freezer to remind us of her! :) Here's some pics we took of Grandma, Aidan, and I.

Aidan and Anthrax taking a nap

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Upon Request

Well, I've been getting requests for updates and pics. We are settling into our routine. Aidan is continuing to put on weight. The late night feedings are still killing me! LOL! My mom flew in on Mother's Day so we have been having fun hanging out... and she has been very busy filling our refirgerator with lots of yummy food! We are sure going to miss her when she has to go back home!
Here's the latest pics!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Home at last!

Well we have been home for a couple days now and I am finally getting a chance to put another update on here. The first couple days were a little rough dealing with feeding and sleeping, but we are getting into a routine and things are going more smoothly now. Yesterday Aidan had his first doctor's appt. It went pretty good, except that he had dropped down to 6 lbs 13 oz. So the doctor didn't think he had been eating enough which explains his sleep probelms at first. We were doing feedings every 2 1/2 hours, but I guess he just wasn't getting enough. So we are supplementing with a little formula (and now breast milk since I have gotten a pump) and he is sleeping better and seems much happier and more content.

We have been very lucky to have some wonder friends come visit and help with cleaning and providing of meals. We are truly lucky to have such generous friends. We are lookign forward to my mom coming to visit at the end of this week and Ian's parents coming to visit later this month.

Here are some of Aidan's latest pictures. Now that we are getting into a routine, I'll try to be better about taking more pictures!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Aidan Tyler is here!!!

Well it has been quite the journey, but our handsome little boy is here!!! Yesterday afternoon they tried using a gel to help finish softening my cervix and not long after that my water broke and they started the pitocin back up. I quickly started dilating and got the epidural when I hit 5 cm at about 4 o'clock. I was having a lot of sharp burning back pain with contractions so they were concerned he might be turned. I quickly went from 5 cm to 10 cm and at 6:45 we started pushing. We did have some complications towards the end because my temperature started to spike and got up to 102 and his heart rate was dropping with contractions. So between pushes, I was getting oxygen and downing ice chips. They also had to use the vacuum. At 8:43 pm, almost 2 hours of pushing later, our little boy was born. Everything with him looked good except he also had a fever. So after they took all his measurements (7 lbs 8 oz, and 20.5 in length) and whatnot, we spent a little while trying to breastfeed him before they had to wisk him off to the nursery for tests and his bath. They gave him a pretty cold bath and some antibiotics to get his fever down. He has a little IV to get his meds but the swelling on his head from the vacuum has already gone down, its just a little tender. We got into our post partum room at about 10ish and then tried to get some rest between feedings. He is the most gorgeous baby and is so sweet, even if he was a lil bugger to get out!! He'll have to be here for minimum of 48 hours of monitoring and for the test results to come back if he does have an infection. All of his vitals have continued to be good though. Here are some of his first pictures!!
Waiting for Baby Aidan to get a move on!

Our first family picture

Getting checked out!

All cleaned up and ready to go

In the nursery getting his IV and getting checked out

The next morning getting some rest