Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Baby Acrobatics

We had a very exciting morning today. I've been feeling Aidan kicking for a few weeks now and occasionally when I'm lying down, he's kicked hard enough that I could feel it on the outside of my belly. Well this morning he started up, so I had Ian come over and put his hand on my belly, and wouldn't you know it, but within a minute Aidan was kicking up a storm and Ian felt Aidan for the very first time! He must have been doing sommersaults or something in there, b/c he kept up his performance for his daddy for a couple minutes! It was such a amazing experience for both of us.

Monday, December 29, 2008

21 Weeks 3 days - Reassuring News

Today I had my appt at Phoenix Perinatal Associates (the specialist my OB referred me to) about the two vessel umbilical cord. My appt went very well. They did a very indepth U/S and determined that Aidan's development is 100% normal for this stage in the game! According to the doctor he's a "primo little baby". His heart, kidneys, stomach, etc looked really good. The Dr checked his septum (the wall between his heart chambers) to make sure there were no holes. All his measurements came back normal and he is 14 oz which is right on target with how far along I am. So we are very relieved that the umbilical cord hasn't caused any complications at this point. I'll go back to the specialist at 32-34 weeks so they can check on his growth and I'll continue to be monitored by my own Dr every 4 weeks. He was very active today and was wiggling the whole time they were doing the ultrasound. I left the office today feeling very reassured that our little boy is doing great and is healthy. Here's a few new pictures that they took today. They even did some 3D pictures and a 4D video so you can see him wiggling around in there!

Our little boy is camera shy!

Aidan's perfect little spine

I love profile shots! There used to be a time his whole body could fit in the frame!! Now it's just his head and upper body!

All of Aidan's limbs are present and accounted for!

Aidan's 1st Video!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday! We had Ian's squad over early this week for a holiday party and had a great time! Yesterday we went christmas shopping and got a new car! We got a really good deal and we love it! It's a dark red Acura MDX and it's fully loaded! Aidan's going to be spoiled with his "1st" car. The best thing is that it does have the third row, so it will be able to "grow" with our family as it grows! Now we just need to sell the truck and we'll be set! So if you know anyone who needs a truck... send them our way!

Ian will be working tonight (someone's got to pay for the car), but then he has Christmas off. I'll visit with friends for the evening and then tomorrow I'll cook us a nice Ham dinner for Christmas (thanks Mom!) and we'll spend a quiet day at home!In baby news, I'm finally starting to show a bit more, so I've uploaded some new pictures for all of you! I'm feeling good, and will be anxious to get my appt at the perinatologist over and done with on Monday.

20 Weeks 6 Days

Have a very merry Christmas everyone!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

20 Weeks and Counting

Well today I had my 20 week ultrasound and appointment. Overall it went well and we got tons of pics. Most of the,m are pretty blurry though, so I just chose a couple to share. Aidan is measuring great, all of his organs are developing as they should be. We got information on all kinds of fun stuff like breast feeding, pacifiers, etc. Gotta love the Dr we saw today, she's awesome and just tells it like it is (or at least how she sees it! But at least we have similar views!)

However they did discover that the umbical cord which is normally three vessels is only two. Our Dr explained that because Aidan's development is great and right on where it should be, at this point it shouldn't be a worry. They will closely monitor his growth (which means lots more ultrasounds), because I guess that can be affected by a two vessel umbilical cord. In the meantime they are referring me to a perinatal specialist where they will do some more in depth ultrasounds to see what's going on and to confirm that there aren't any indicators that there are more serious issues or complications. So keep your fingers crossed for our little boy! Our appt with the perinatologist is December 29th, so I'll post more once we have some more info then.

All that being said, he was a very active little boy today. The tech had a hard time getting shots of him because he was being such a wiggle worm. So according to the Dr that was a really good thing! :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Caution! Wet Floor!

Well just to give everyone a quick update. On Thursday I slipped at school. Not bad or anything (just a sore bottom, good thing I have some cushion there!!), but just as a precaution I went in to my Dr office yesterday. Everything is fine. They checked my blood pressure which was fine and Aidan's heartbeat was a healthy 155 beats per minute. We could hear him moving around in there and the nurse said she could feel him moving too. So all is good!