Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer is Flying By!

I can't believe how fast summer is passing. In only a few short weeks I'll be back at work and Aidan will be back in day care. We've had a really great summer and I am sorry to see it end. We most recently spent a week up in Washington visiting with Ian's side of the family. It was so much fun getting to see everyone and seeing all of Aidan's cousins. He just loved playing with all of them every day! Since we've been back at home I have been working on getting the house organized and cleaned. I am also working on getting Aidan's big boy room ready! I'm just trying to enjoy being with the lil guy as much as possible.

Aidan's update: Aidan is 14 1/2 months old now! Hard to believe where all the time has gone. He has been taking swim lessons this summer and has even transferred his knowledge of how to get out of the pool to climbing on furniture at home. He is our little monkey and can often be found scaling his high chair to get to normally unreachable places! Every day he makes us laugh and he has such a happy personality! all of his food allergy tests came back negative so we are beginning the slow reintroduction of some foods. We're starting with wheat and if that goes well, we'll try soy. We can try eggs when he's 2, and nuts when he is 3. As for milk and dairy, his GI will let us know what he thinks at the next appt, but I have a feeling we'll be avoiding that for awhile still.

Colin's update: Colin is now 23 weeks. He was approximately 1 lb 1oz at today's monthly appt. At my last appt he was breech and they were not able to get the pictures of his heart, so we repeated the ultrasound today and he was much more cooperative! Everything looks great and I'm feeling as good as I can considering I am spending all day chasing after a 1 year old and dealing with this insane AZ summer heat!

Ian is in Quantico for two weeks and has our laptop with him. When he returns I will be sure to upload more pictures, including some of the latest ultrasound pictures. As many of you know, Ian's deployment that was canceled. However we got a call about a week ago telling him that he was going to be assigned to another deployment sometime in 2011. Not looking forward to that, but what can you do?? We have no info about it other than that it is Afghanistan and it si scheduled for 2011. As we know more I will update the blog. In the meantime, pray that this deployment gets canceled too! :) And if it doesn't, pray that I have the sanity to survive a year on my own with 2 babies under 2!