Saturday, October 31, 2009

5 Month Pictures!

I love the smile behind the binky!
Mommy can we call Daddy?
Teething Bites
Big boy holding Dylan the Duck and feeding himself
A fun day at the park with great friends
All tuckered out after a busy day
Having fun in the jumperoo
We're excited for dinner time
Race car driver at Peter Piper Pizza!
Riding the Carousel
Riding the train with Daddy
Riding the train with his buddy Jake
We like it when Daddy is home for dinner
I want a hug!
My foot tastes good!
Everything goes in our mouth these days!
I love dressing just like my Daddy!
All tuckered out!
Sitting up in the bath!
Our new hat is sooo cute!
Sitting in the high chair out at dinner!
"Look Daddy, I can do a push up!"
I like my toys!
Happy Halloween!!!
I want to be just like my Daddy when I grow up!

An Update... Finally!

Where do I even begin?? It seems like so much time has passed since my last blog update and I don't even know where to start! Life is just chugging away here in our household! Well overall things are going well. Ian is staying busy with work and military, especially since the Marines Corps Ball is next weekend and he is the Ball Coordinator this year. He has done uch a tremendous job planning everything. I have been staying busy with work. At the beginning of this year I was chosen by my school district as one of eight teachers who had students with very high achievement. I was featured on the website and here is the article if you'd like to check it out! It has been hard this year keeping up with everything, but we are doing the best we can. I also celebrated my 30th brithday... still can't believe that I'm 30! Where has all this time gone?

And now an update on the lil guy I know you are all here to read about! Well we've still been struggling with a a few issues. He still has a flat head! So we'll most likely be doing the DOC Band (otherwise known as the helmet). It will mostly depend on cost. Treatment is $3600 but we've been told that our insurance is pretty good about covering it, so we'll know more on Monday. He's still struggling with tummy time and we've been battling all kinds of issues with his nose. He's had non stop colds and sinus infections. Breathing treatments have not helped, so they did a UGI about a week ago to see if he was refluxing into his lungs. The UGI came back normal... so we'll find out the next step at his next appt on Monday which is his 6 month check up.

We've also had some eating/stomach issues. We started rice cereal a little while back and that just really upset Aidan's stomach, so we switched to oatmeal and he has just been eating that like a champ. Despite his eating issues, he was a hefty 18 1/2 pounds a few weeks ago at the Dr's office and has been wearing 9 mon clothes for a few weeks now. We had a few hairy weeks with him not sleeping through the night and waking up 6-10 times a night because of his congestion and tummy issues. We adjusted his schedule this week and have seen some great improvements since. He's still not eating much, but that could be due to his congestion or teething. Other than all of that he is doing great. He's started going in the jumperoo and loves it. He can sit up for short periods without any support, and he's slowly getting better at tummy time. He can stand with support and is getting really good at grabbing and manipulating things with his hands. On his progress report from day care he had mastered almost everything and the very few things he hadn't mastered were mostly due to him not tolerating tummy time. He loves talking and playing and he has admirers everywhere he goes! Ian and I are so blessed and cannot believe almost six months have passed since our little guy entered our lives!