Sunday, January 17, 2010

Holiday Photos

7 month photos

Eating big boy foods

Getting ready to go jogging with daddy

I want to stand up!

Happy Baby!

Grabbing ornaments off the tree!
Presents for me!!!!

Aidan likes Rachel Ray!

Big boy drinking his bottle

Drinking from his sippy cup!

It's clean up time!

6 month photos

You mean I have to wear this thing?

I don't know about this?!?!

I lovew my Anthrax kittycat!

Kitty Hugs!

Daddy just put my new toy together
Aidan had a great time meeting his great grandma and grandpa!

In the big boy car seat... the infant carrier was getting a little small!

Daddy gave me my first haircut!

My first Christmas tree! Aidan loved it!

Better late than never...

Where do I even start. Aidan is 8 1/2 mons old now and I can't even begin to remember where that last 2 1/2 months has gone. Blogging was much easier when I wasn't back at work and when the lil guy wasn't very mobile. So what has happened over the last two months..... Well if you remember at 6 months Aidan was just starting to roll. We spent the month rolling everywhere we wanted to go. Then right at about 7 months, our lil guy started low crawling. By eight months he was full on crawling and standing.

We also went ahead and got the cranial band at 6 1/2 to 7 months to help the flat head. It was quite the pricey "accessory" but it is definitely working. The change is remarkable and we are keeping our fingers crossed that he will only have to wear until about 10-11 months at the most.

I believe the last time I posted we were just getting ready to start "solids". Well it took almost 2 months, but we made it through all the Gerber 1st foods, and now are well into the 2nd foods. Our feeding issues seem to have disappeared, but just recently we have developed and little stomach bug and so we have cut back on anything new and are just continuing the foods we already introduced.

What else, what else... well cutting back on the prevacid (for the reflux) didn't work out, so we are back to his daily dose. In the meantime we have also developed eczema and that continues to be a battle. As soon as we get one spot taken care of, another spot breaks out. And now that Aidan is mobile, getting him to sit still while we lather lotions, creams, etc on him has proven to be a two man job or it is nearly impossible. Also, while his nasal congestion has gotten better, he has continued to have chest congestion, so as of Friday we are also doing breathing treatments... which by the way he hates!!!! I hope one of these days his reflux and respiration issues get cleared up!

OK... I think that's it for the kiddo... now onto the family!

Ian's brother, Sean, his wife, Nichole, and their two children, Kaylie (5) and Evan (now 5 mons) came to visit us. It was such a fun holiday! Sean got to to do a ridealong with Ian, and Nichole and I got to take the kiddos to the mall and meet Santa! Thanksgiving dinner came out fabulous and the only thing that could have made the weekend any better would have been for all of us to live much closer to each other.

Next up... Christmas! This year we went to California to visit with my family since this was the 1st Christmas I have been home since 2002. Well, we decided to drive instead of fly.... and all I can say is.... NEVER AGAIN! Not never again to visiting... not never again to driving 12 hours with a 7 month old.... total misery. But we had a fantastic visit. We had a great first Christmas with Aidan. Our family just loved meeting him and he loved meeting his family! We went wine tasting with my brother and his wife, Christine. And here's the biggie... Ian and I got to see our first movie in the movie theater since Aidan has been born! We were very lucky to have so many family members volunteer to watch our lil guy!

Since we've been back home, we've been very busy with work and just our everyday lives. Ian has switched back to days and we are hoping this takes some of my nighttime stress off of me. It continues to be a struggle to balance teaching and being a mom, but one of these days we'll work it all out.

Well I think that is it for now. I am sure I have left out a bunch... But I'll post pictures that hopefully tell the stories I have forgotten!