Thursday, February 26, 2009

30 weeks! Only 10 to go!

Well I had my 30 week appt today. It was pretty quick but went well. Aidan's heartrate was 150. My blood pressure was fine, and I'm up another pound! We went over what's to come in the next few weeks. I go back in 2 weeks at 32 weeks for another appt and I also need to go into the pernatologist at 32 weeks for a follow-up. Then I start going in weekly at 33 weeks. This might change and I might go in twice a week, but they will decide this at the next appt. I'll also continue to get an ultrasound every couple weeks to monitor Aidan's growth and at the weekly appts, I'll be doing the fetal stress test. She said it is possible that if he starts to show stress that they will induce early, but that we'll just have to see how it goes. At this point, she said he is measuring about a week ahead, so that is great for his growth, b/c typically babies are smaller when they only have a single umbilical artery.

We have officially finished our birthing classes and are getting closer to being ready for our little man to be here! I have posted a new bump pic. It is amazing to see how much the bump has grown over the past couple weeks! DEfinitely feeling it more in my back, and the days of being able to lay on my back are officially over (I can't believe I was able to sleep on my back as long as I did). My feet/ankles are starting to swell a little, but usually only when I've been sitting for awhile or standing for awhile. Overall, I am feeling great though!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

28 week appt

Well I had my 28 week appt on Thursday. They did an ultrasound and everything is looking good. There was a bit of a scheduling mix up, so they weren't able to do the gestational diabetes test, so I will go back on Monday to have that done. Aidan is measuring in the 30th percentile, and the tech said 50th was normal, but that he was looking fine. Overall the appt went fine, and we now begin going in every two weeks. At my next appt, they'll make the appt at the perinatologist and then I'll get another ultrasound and hopefully get to see 3D pics and 4D videos!! No pics to post this appt, since he was being very shy and had his hands and feet in front of his face the whole time!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The third trimester

It is official... I'm beginning the third trimester and my belly is possessed. Aidan has been quite the little mover and shaker the past three days and he is moving so much that just sitting here, my belly starts moving and jiggling. I think he's trying to find a way out! We have our 28 week appt this week and they'll do another ultrasound then, so we'll be able to see him again and get some more info on the whole two vessel umbilical cord issue. They'll also do the gestational diabetes test, some more blood work, and give me the RhoGam shot since I am Rh-. Should be an action packed appt! LOL! We've also started our birthing classes and have our 2nd class this week. So far, I'm finding it pretty informative. And we've also decided on Mercy Gilbert for our delivery hospital... so all in all, we're getting all kinds of stuff accomplished! Aidan's room is officially decorated and finished! We picked up a dresser a few weeks ago and all his clothes and blankets are put away. Now we just need to start stocking up on everything else like bottles, diapers, etc!