Sunday, September 13, 2009

4th Month Photos

Here's Aidan's more recent pictures! By the way, videos take too long to upload on Blogspot, so those will be posted on Facebook only!

Holding his bottle for the first time!
I'm a big boy, I get to eat rice cereal now! This was my very first taste!
It makes quite the mess!
Trying to either wipe his mouth or lick the bib clean!
Playing with my new kick toy!
Wathcing TV in mom and dad's room after Direct TV got installed!

Going for my first walk around my new neighborhood
Happy baby!
Tummy time is getting a little better!

Mommy and I got up early to beat the heat, but it was still a little bit warm!
Sticking my tongue out at my toys!
I like sticking my tongue out!

I'm a big boy! I can feed myself!
Tummy time with my sea horse
Sea horse kisses!

3rd Month Photos

Here's the pictures from 3-4 months old!

There's a giraffe on my foot!!!

We like just chillin in the Bumbo!
Bathtime is the best!!

I like sleeping flat on my back... which is why I'm getting a flat head! Hopefully this head support will help!

Someone was playing so hard he just passed right out on his playmat!

MeeMaw Sr reading me a story when she, Bob, Grandpa Ralph, and MeeMaw Jr came to visit

This is Tom my chicken (Daddy named him). I like to chew on his beak!

This is Dylan my Duck! He's my favorite toy!
Piggy kisses!

I rolled form my back onto my side all by myself!
Today was a rough day!
Practicing more rolling!
Sitting in my Bumbo, watching my shows and playing with toys!

Lifting weights!
Tummy time is better when I can stare at myself!

Up Up and Away!
I like playing in my exersaucer!
Can you tell who dressed me today?
More play time!

"Kicking" Beardsley out of his crib!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

4 months!

I have been a bad blogger! Me?? Can you believe it? A whole month with no posts! Well Aidan turned 4 months old today! We had his 4 month doctor's appt and it went great. We just love Dr McCleland and are going to miss her when she goes on maternity leave!! Aidan weighed in at 15 lbs 6 1/2oz and 26 1/2 in long! He is in the 92nd percentile for his height and about 50th for his weight! He is growing like a weed and his weight is finally catching up to his height. At four months old, he is almost ready to start growing out of some of his 3-6 months clothes! Can you believe it? Dr McCleland confirmed that he is teething! He is healthy and making a ton of progress. We have one area of concern and that is his flat head! We've been working on some things to help it naturally round out, but if we don't see improvement in the next 1-2 months, then at 6 months, we'll have to consider going the helmet route. If only he didn't hate being on his tummy so much!

So what have we been up to the last month??? Well right after he turned three months Aidan started the early stages of teething and I went back to work!!! No fun for those two things to coincide since it meant Aidan stopped sleeping through the night! He has had a lot of congestion since, but we seem to be working our way through it. He also rolled onto his side from his back for the very first time! Yea! When he lays on his stomach he can hold his head up off the ground, and he loves going in his exersaucer!

Grandma Rissa (Meemaw Jr), Grandpa Ralph, Great Grandma Phyllis (Meemaw Sr), and G-ma Phyllis's wonderful friend, Bob also came to visit us! They brought us a ton of furniture they had been storing for us, and we finally have furniture in our bedroom and the guest room! We had such a great time with them! And Grandpa Ralph even helped Ian fix our roof and he fixed our dryer too! They were so generous and also got us a new BBQ grill for a housewarming present. I was so proud to show off our new house since my mom hadn't seen it since she came down to help paint before it was finished and we moved in. My only regret is that our vacation with them wasn't longer! We can't to see them again this winter!

Life has been good to us... although the transition back to work has been a rough one. It might have been smoother except Aidan has been struggling with his nasal congestion and this past week he had a little stomach virus. He is doing much better now! I can't post pics currently b/c Ian has the laptop with all the pictures at work, but I'll get new pictures posted this weekend! I can hardly wait for three days off! Especially since we are getting DirectTV installed on Saturday!!